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RoboCub Walking Talking Robot with Wireless Remote Control
Lovable RoboCub walks, talks and sings "I'm a little robot, da-da-da"
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Imagine  a walking, talking, seeing, hearing personal robot that can make a big difference in your everyday life!
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Robby, the Robot returns from the 'Forbidden Planet'.
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Too busy to waste weekends mowing?
Let the newest Robotic Lawnmower do it for you.
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Roomba ; dancing robot vacuums and sweeps automatically ; even when you're asleep or out of the house.
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Robots are the future, they may be mostly fun now but increasingly robots are becoming functional and helpful! Be one of the first to have your own  robot. Robots today may very well be collectibles in years to come. Toy robot Transformers are collectable's and go for good money if in good condition. So, toy robots seem to keep their value. You can trade one in for another as there are always someone that will want the one you have after you want something new and different.
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The Robot Shop - iiRobotics, Robots, robot toys with only the best vintage robots, new electronic gadgets and cool soldering robot kits for any roboter.
Trossen Robotics - robot shop for robots, robotics, robot kits and robot parts
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Movie Robots You Can Buy (or Make) Right Now
Robby the Robot (B9) from Lost in Space
Build Your Own Johnny 5
Optimus Prime
The Power of LEGO – Make Your Own Wall-e
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